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Decades ago many people knew what it was like to be part of a big family. Let’s face it many families consisted of six to eight children. But in our modern day world most families consist of two children or less. That is the national average unless you factor in all the blended families. So for many of us we don’t know what it is like to be part of a big family However, when it comes to our church family we find ourselves part of a BIG family.

The month of September we are going to be looking at life in God’s Big Family. From how we connect to each other, to growing in our faith and then how our lives are shaped and molded to minister to each other.


Healthy Faith

 All of us at some point in our Christian journey get frustrated trying to live out our faith. Some days we walk on the mountaintops and are overjoyed. Other times we walk through dark valleys and through some very slimy pits that bring us down.

 We long for a healthy faith. But what does a healthy faith look like? What are the pillars of a healthy faith? Does it mean that we are always perfect? Does it mean we have to lock ourselves away behind some monastery walls to keep ourselves unstained from the world?

 We are going to take a six-week journey to explore the scriptures and take a look at what a healthy faith looks like and how to develop a health faith.

 The disciples came to Jesus and said: “Increase our faith.”  They realized they didn’t have a healthy faith life. They wanted to improve their faith life. Maybe that is where you are today. So come join us on this short six-week journey, starting October 12th, as we travel in search of a “healthy faith”.